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Vox is an award-winning, student-run magazine in Columbia, Missouri. Click the images to view selected articles.

Higher (caliber) education

Based on current policy, data and examples from elsewhere, this hypothetical story envisions an MU where students bear arms (April 2017)

Boonville: The phoenix of mid-Missouri

How a town left behind by interstate construction restored itself (May 2016)

The Adderall Diaries

How a bottled-up amphetamine epidemic has college campuses addicted (April 2016)

Will Starks reigns over Columbia MMA

Will Starks is Columbia's winningest amateur mixed martial artist and a reigning world champion (February 2016)

Under the knife: plastic surgery in Columbia

Americans are spending more money than ever on cosmetic surgery. So why can't we talk about it? (December 2016)

Antler Antics

Notorious basketball cheering section looks to clean up their fact without losing their edge (February 2015)